embracing her desires, anamchara, lynne st. james, paranormal, fantasy, menage, romance, wolf shifters, faeries, magicEmbracing Her Desires (Book #1)

A hidden world…
Deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia is the magical town of Anamchara where all their fates lie. Secrets will be revealed and choices will have to be made.

A woman in danger…
Hope Brooks receives a certified letter will change everything. What she doesn’t realize is it also puts her life in danger.

A love to fulfill their destiny…
Jason “Jase” Pierce and Cooper Maxwell, III always knew they were destined to share a mate, but when she arrives she brings more trouble than they could imagine.

Will Hope, Jase, and Cooper be able to overcome all of the obstacles to find forever with each other? Or will past hurts catch up and destroy what was put into place hundreds of years ago.

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embracing her surrender, anamchara, romance, paranormal, fantasy, love, magic, faeries, wolf shifters, angels, demonsEmbracing Her Surrender (Book #2)

A Final Mission…
There is a lot more to Kristy Larson, temporary manager of the Anamchara Watering Hole, than anyone would suspect. She’s on a mission to protect the town from an ancient evil, but the assignment gets more complicated when she starts to fall for the Sheriff.

Burdened by Guilt…
Sheriff and werewolf shifter Jeremy Pierce has spent the last thirty years trying to live with the guilt of his friend’s murder. Blaming himself, his tortured soul leaves him vulnerable to an unknown evil. When Kristy shows up he can’t shake his suspicions even as his feelings for her grow.

A Town in Peril…
Will Kristy be able to carry out her mission, destroy the evil, and finally be free to live her life? Or will complications cause her to lose the one person she holds most dear?

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embracing her love, anamchara, lynne st. james, paranormal, fantasy romance, menage, women's adventures, action and suspense, angels, demonsEmbracing Her Love (Book #3)

Anamchara was supposed to be a safe haven for those who come to find peace and love. A hidden town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and protected by magical wards from the outside world until it was discovered by Branwen’s enemies. These enemies have fought for years to destroy Anamchara and Branwen, their ‘faerie godmother’ causing life to take some dangerous twists for its residents.

After defeating an old enemy, the people of Anamchara thought they were safe at last. At least until Ben found Anushka, a white tiger shifter, outside the wards and begging for help. She’d come to plea for help to save imprisoned white tigers with ties to his father, the Alpha of the Anamchara Streak. Realizing she’s his mate, he’s torn between his loyalties to his streak and helping his mate, especially after discovering she is already promised to another.

Against Ben’s better judgment, and with the help of Kristy, Quinn, and members of the town, they come up with a plan to rescue the tigers. Accompanied by volunteers from his tiger streak and Jeremy’s wolf pack, they set off on the perilous mission. If they are successful, they’ll not only save the white tigers from their horrific existence, but he’ll be able to complete the bonding with his mate–as long as Andrei the other male tiger agrees to the threesome.

Will they be able to succeed without bringing more danger to the people of Anamchara?

This action packed paranormal fantasy will have you clinging to your e-reader as you hope Anushka, Ben and Andrei can survive their enemies and find their happily ever after.

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