Black Eagle

SEAL’s Spitfire (Book #1)

military, romance, suspense, action and adventure, kidnapping. lynne st james, SEALsWhile Navy SEAL Rafe Buchanan is stuck at the airport, he is captivated by the woman cursing a blue streak with a take no prisoner’s attitude. He invites her for drinks and realizes she’s everything he gave up hoping he’d find. But a random glance at a TV monitor ends their flirting when Meghan Henley sees her brother’s missionary group was kidnapped in Afghanistan.

Meghan turns to Rafe as her world is flipped upside down. How could one man already mean so much to her? And Rafe is determined to help the woman who has stolen his heart. Realizing the deadly situation, he calls John “Tex” Keegan to help.

When Rafe is called away on a mission, Meghan asks Tex’s help to stage her own rescue of her brother. But things go sideways when she is taken hostage. Will Rafe, Tex, and the rest of the Black Eagle SEAL team be able to get to the hostages before the Taliban carry out their threats? Or will he be haunted forever knowing he lost his dream?

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SEAL’s Sunshine (Book #2)

Navy SEAL Cam Patterson can’t wait for the day that he returns to the woman he loves. But everything blows up when he finds out there is a plot to kill the President of the United States.

Miranda Stanhope has been anxiously awaiting Cam’s return. Months ago, he and his Black Eagle SEAL Team wrenched her away from the Taliban who’d been torturing her. The terrifying nightmares still haunt her. Despite everything, she has fought back the darkness and is ready to move forward into Cam’s loving embrace.

When Cam finally returns, he and Miranda work to forge a relationship they hope will last forever, but then the threats begin. When the danger escalates, and Miranda almost dies, Cam calls in Tex Keegan, a man he hopes can help him stop the madness. But when Miranda is taken, it’s a race against time, and even with Tex’s help will Cam be able to find her, or will he lose his Sunshine forever?

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SEAL’s Hellion is book three in the Black Eagle series and features John “Tex” Keegan, Matthew “Wolf” Steel and his wife Caroline from Susan Stoker’s SEALs of Protection.

Navy SEAL Ryan McLaughlin hardened his heart against love years ago, now he focuses on keeping his teammates safe. The one fly in the ointment is the beautiful, smart and sexy Chrissy, he can’t get her out of his head. When a plot to smuggle VX gas into the US is discovered, he has to work with her and knows his world is about to be turned upside down.

FBI Analyst Chrissy Stillwell has always seen connections where no one else could, and it’s kept her stuck behind a desk. When she uncovers a plot that could have horrific consequences she’s given a chance to prove herself. But she can’t believe she has to work with the man who fuels her late-night fantasies. Will she be able to keep her cool?

Stuck together in the middle of the ocean, it’s up to them to locate the terrorists before it’s too late. When everything goes sideways, will Chrissy be able to prove to Ryan that everyone deserves a happily ever after?

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SEAL’S SKY (Book #4)

Navy SEAL Drew “Murph” Murphy was determined to stay single and win the bet with his SEAL team. Until he met Sky. Her damaged heart and undeniable strength ignited his need to protect. But it would take all of his determination and abilities to keep her safe from the evil hunting her down.

Jennifer “Sky” Turner, on the run from an abusive ex, seeks refuge in the one place she’s always been safe. Forced to assume an alias to escape his powerful influence, Jen finds it hard to trust anyone, until she meets the handsome SEAL. His care and determination to keep her safe may be the one thing able to heal her.

With nowhere else to turn, and her life on the line, she’ll have to trust Murph and the Black Eagle team to protect her.

SEAL’s Sky is book four in the exciting Black Eagle series and features John “Tex” Keegan from Susan Stoker’s SEALs of Protection books.

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