Raining Chaos

taming chaos, raining chaos, rock stars, rocker romance, new adult, college, coming of age, sexy, music, lynne st. james,Taming Chaos (Book #1)

From foster care to the Garden…

The band Raining Chaos is about to live their dream. Having devoted every minute to getting their big break. Now that they are about to have everything they’ve dreamed of they learn fame and fortune comes with a price, and it’s all in how you deal with it that makes the journey worthwhile.
Chaos is told by the record company that their songs aren’t cutting it anymore and they’re sending a songwriter. Yeah, that goes over well—not—until she shows up. Their chemistry is off the charts. But being a commitment phobia type of guy, does Chaos really want to take the chance with his and the band’s future.

A death bed promise will rock her world…

Cynda made a promise and fulfilling it could cost her more than she ever expected. Rock stars can’t be trusted, she knows, she lived with it all her life. But when she shows up to meet the band it all changes. She’s drawn to everything she vowed would never be in her future. But as Cynda feels the pull toward Chaos and joins them on the road, she realizes the cost of falling for a rock star is bigger than she thought possible. A simple job and promise will change everything, now she needs to figure out whether it would be for better or worse.
Jump on the bus as Raining Chaos sets out on their tour and join them to see if making music soothes the soul or breaks the heart.

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seducing wrath, raining chaos, rock stars, rocker romance, groupies, new adult, coming of age, college, romance, sexy, lynne st. jamesSeducing Wrath (Book #2)

A Groupie with a dream…

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions…I am here to say truer words were never spoken. I really did think becoming a groupie and writing a story about my favorite band, Raining Chaos, was the best idea I ever had. It was going to be the break I needed to get my career going and be a double win getting close to Wrath—the only man who could set me on fire with only a look.

Yeah, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Instead of going according to plan it’s going to sh*t. Well, like I said before—the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

A Guitar player who won’t give in to love…

Blue hair? Oh yeah, the chick had my attention from the minute I saw her. No attachments…that was the rule I lived by. No reason to change it now, besides, something about Sapphire didn’t seem right. But it didn’t seem to matter to my body. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her long enough to give a crap.

Or at least until I got kicked in the gut when private info was tweeted to the world. It’s hard enough being on our first tour without someone working against us. I didn’t want to believe it was her, but…

Join me, the guitar player, and Sapphire, the groupie as Raining Chaos continues our tour. Will more than our hearts catch fire? Or will the truth rip us apart?

Caution this book contains hot, up against the wall sex, groupies, and smokin’ hot rock stars.

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music under the mistletoe, a raining chaos christmas, raining chaos, rocker romance, rock stars, romance, bad boys, new adult, coming of age, lynne st. jamesMusic Under the Mistletoe – A Raining Chaos Christmas (Book #2.5)

A message that changes everything…

Christmas is fast approaching and the band is hard at work on their second album. They receive an urgent phone call that changes their plans for a Christmas surprise. Dropping everything, they fly to New Jersey to give their foster parents a Christmas they will never forget.

A Christmas no one will ever forget…

While they reminisce on their past, the guys prepare a few surprises hoping to set down the tracks for their future. But when the snow begins to fall, they worry even the best laid plans will crumble.

Catch up with the seven foster kids of Raining Chaos as they bring love, happiness, and a bit of chaos to the only place they consider home.

Filled with home for the holiday joy and love, the rockers turn up the heat and melt a few hearts.

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Tempting Flame, Raining Chaos #3, rock star romance, new adult, contemporary, erotic romance, flame, michelle, lynne st. jamesTempting Flame (Book #3)

A woman in trouble…
Michelle has counted on herself since she was young. But missing her man while he’s on tour is a distraction. Enough of one to make her ignore little signs something is very wrong.

A rock star in love…
After being separated from Michelle for four months while Raining Chaos finished their tour, Flame can’t wait to spend some alone time with his hot little teacher.

Surrounded by danger…
Finally together again one thing after another intrudes. Instead of burning up the sheets, Flame finds out Michelle’s dealing with more than he knew. How far will someone go to keep them apart?

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