1. One of my favorite memories with my Mom would be when we went to see Deidre The Deidre Hall Fan Page in Orlando. Mom and I have been Days of our Lives fans forever. That was so exciting.

  2. Mary Boehm

    My Mom when she was alive played games like dominoes or cards or scrabble with me. We would go shopping together. She was a good mom except for her questionable cooking at times . Most of her cooking is good.

    • Lynne St. James

      Mary, she sounds like she was great. I’m sorry for your loss, but the memories she’s left you with sound wonderful!

  3. Kathryn M

    For me, as a mom, knowing my mom was spending the day with my brother, his son, and his son. Congratulations on being a Great-Grandmother.

  4. Ramona Kekstadt

    One on my favorite mom and daughter moments was when I went on a day retreat in school.
    My mom got me all packed up made sure I had everything…But later found the most beautiful Poem she wrote me. And Mom and Daughter mom.

  5. My mommy would always do my hair every morning before school and I remember sitting on her bed and having this nice good bonding moment. 🙂 We would talk and she would do my hair.

    And my other favorite is the shpeel(sp?). She would have this saying she said to us every single night before bed. Whenever I get sad or need some mommy comfort, I want to hear those words.

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