1. I’m so happy to announce that Kim Thorne has been selected as the winner of yesterday’s contest for the mouse pad and autographed bookmark. Congratulations Kim! I want to thank you all again for making Alice and Lady V’s visit with us so special! <3

  2. Janka Dustan

    Hey guys, as I said before this book sounds great and I cant wait. Its so lovely thst you two have such a great relationship, I love my mum very much but could not work with her. Keep up with the hard work keep the books coming 😉

  3. Hi Alice and Lady V! I have been looking forward to this story for some time now ! The cover is amazing as well as the excerpt! I really like that you have such a close knit bond with each other and how everyone pitches in to help with your stories! Such a great dynamic to me is what makes your stories even more enjoyable to me! Have a great day and also looking forward to your other new series Texas Vampire Rangers!

    • Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by. Lady V and I had a blast doing this interview. Yes, we are a very close knit family; to point that we are falling over each other sometimes, lol, but honestly, wouldn’t have it any other way. And I always say three minds are better than one any day! I am hoping you’ll enjoy Sapphamire; and Up in Flames, the first Texas Vampire Rangers book is in editing as we speak. We will probably see a April release for that one. Editor is already cracking the whip for us to hurry up and finish Fire and Ice, the second book in the Dragons of Dragonose series..so, off to write I go!

  4. kim thorne

    cool interview some funny family i like the thing about the texting each other in the house and the dad rolling his eyes about it funny.lol that sapphamire book sounds cool keep up the good work ladies you rock!

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