1. Nessie

    Great interview. Have read both Selena’s Men and Two for Tamara both are amazing. Was hooked as soon as I started reading Selena’s Mn, the suspense laughter and of course hot sex…..sigh! If you haven’t read it I highly reccomend you put them on your TBR list ASAP. Thanks Elle x

    • Elle Boon

      I’m so happy you liked both books. Book 3 Jaklyn’s Saviors will be out in August/September. I just got edits back today and will get on them ASAP, so hopefully an early August date. 🙂

    • Nessie, can I say I love you soo hard lol. I’m so glad you enjoyed both books and thank you for the praise. Big. Huge. Hugs. I hope you continue to enjoy each book in the series. I can honestly say I love writing them.


  2. Janka Dustan

    Thank you so much, what a great interview. Elle Boon is a new writer for me but I will be checking out her books. Sound great.

  3. Elle Boon

    Hi y’all. I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview. I love to chat and answer questions (wayyy too much lol). If you’re on Facebook friend me or like my author page. I give updates and excerpts from what I’m working on. I’m really chatty and lots of the posts aren’t NSFW, but I always post that first 🙂

  4. Lynda Remington

    Totally enjoyed the interview…it gave an insight to the author’s personality and a chance to connect with the readers.

    • Elle Boon

      Hi Lynda,

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I had a great time. Most times I don’t have a filter lol, and I truly do enjoy interacting with others, whether they are readers (which I am first and foremost) or authors.


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