1. ML Hill

    I’m late getting here today. But it was a great interview, ladies. I love the Katieran Prime Series and this book was one of my favorites because you get to catch up with some of your favorite characters. Looking forward to the new series too. And enjoying the Galactic Cage Fighters immensely.

  2. Haley Miller

    This sounds like a wonderful series! I am a huge fan of space stories and I am really looking forward to reading them! After reading your interview I am definitely checking out the Gage Fighter’s series as well! Thanks for sharing and I am excited to find a new author with what sounds like my kind of reading!

  3. Janka Dustan

    I have not read any KD’s books yet, but they sound very interesting. I enjoyed the interview, get to know the writter a bit better. I dont normaly read books about aliens, but as long as they are hot, sexy and growl when turned on thats my type of book. 🙂

  4. Having only written in the erotica romance genra- I marvel at how other authors can create an entirely different world in the fantasy and futuristic genra. It amazes me. That’s just a whole new level of talent. Great write-up and interview ladies!

    • I love interacting with people every chance I get. I even responded to 3am IMs from readers because I couldn’t wait till later to let them know about something.

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