Embracing Her Surrender

A Final Mission...
There is a lot more to Kristy Larson, temporary manager of the Anamchara Watering Hole, than anyone would suspect. She's on a mission to protect the town from an ancient evil, but the assignment gets more complicated when she starts to fall for the Sheriff.

Burdened by Guilt...
Sheriff and werewolf shifter Jeremy Pierce has spent the last thirty years trying to live with the guilt of his friend's murder. Blaming himself, his tortured soul leaves him vulnerable to an unknown evil. When Kristy shows up he can't shake his suspicions even as his feelings for her grow.

A Town in Peril...
Will Kristy be able to carry out her mission, destroy the evil, and finally be free to live her life? Or will complications cause her to lose the one person she holds most dear?

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