SEAL’s Angel

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Navy SEAL Jake Warner, leader of the Black Eagle team, has witnessed the worst of the world firsthand. After losing faith in everything but his teammates, he meets Dawn Randolph, and she is everything good he’s forgotten.

Dawn has lived her own hell over the last few years since her Army Ranger husband died in action. Being a single mom and trying to learn a new normal has been harder than she ever imagined.  When she meets Jake, an extraordinary man with a perilous job, she doesn't think she can put herself or her children through that kind of stress again, no matter how much Jake speaks to her soul.

Determined to win Dawn’s love, Jake promises he’ll do what it takes to protect her heart and her children no matter what. Then the man they’ve been hunting is finally located, and the team is immersed in danger in the Middle East. When the worst happens, will Dawn and Jake's burgeoning love be destroyed?

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