SEAL’s Hellion

A Special Forces: Operation Alpha Novel

Navy SEAL Ryan McLaughlin hardened his heart against love long ago and focused on the missions and keeping his teammates safe. That is until Chrissy. He may not be able to deny his attraction to her, but he sure as hell would make sure he didn’t act on it. When a plot to smuggle VX gas into the US is uncovered their team is called in. Finding out he has to pair up with Chrissy is the worst possible complication.

FBI Analyst Chrissy Stillwell has always seen connections where no one else could and it’s kept her stuck behind a desk. When she uncovers a plot that could have horrific consequences, she’s given a chance to prove herself in the field. Unfortunately, going undercover with Ryan, the man who fuels her fantasies and drives her crazy whenever they’re together, is her worst nightmare.

Stuck together in the middle of the ocean, it’s up to them to locate the terrorists before it’s too late. When everything goes sideways, will Chrissy be able to prove to Ryan that even heroes need saving, and everyone deserves a happily ever after?

SEAL’s Hellion is book three in the Black Eagle series and features John “Tex” Keegan, Matthew “Wolf” Steel and his wife Caroline from Susan Stoker’s SEALs of Protection.

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