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I had several books in the now defunct Kindle Worlds of Susan Stoker, Elle James and Roxanne St. Claire. I’m in the process of adding to these stories and republishing them as longer books with new titles and covers.  A Soldier’s Forever is the first re-write and is now double the length with so much more story to love.

A Soldier's Forever, beyond valor, lynne st. james, romance, second changesA Soldier’s Forever, Beyond Valor #2

Chloe loves Logan with all her heart but when she learns she’s pregnant with their third child and about to spend their tenth anniversary alone it’s not exactly the celebration she’d hoped to have. But as a military spouse with her husband on a deployment she’d make the best of it.

Between dust storms and unseen enemies, Logan has been reconsidering his life choices. When he’s offered an opportunity to go stateside for an assignment, he jumps at the chance. With the help of his best friend, Alex, he plans a romantic weekend on Sanibel Island.

When Logan surprises Chloe with a romantic trip it’s like a dream come true. But instead of being able to enjoy their time together, she’s worried about his reaction when he finds out she’s pregnant. Being the primary parent while he’s in constant danger thousands of miles away is getting old. But will he be willing to give up his military career for his family?

Between seashells and sunsets, will their love be able to ride out the storm to find their forever?

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