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A Soldier's Triumph, beyond valor, military romance, series, romance, military, army, wounded warriors, second chances, love, family I’m very excited to announce that the next book in the Beyond Valor series, A Soldier’s Triumph, is up for presale on Amazon.  It will release on December 29, 2016 everywhere, but for now you can only order it on Amazon.  You met Alex and Lily in A Soldier’s Surprise, Beyond Valor 2 my Barefoot Bay Kindle World book.  They were so insistent that their story be told, that they pushed Tag and Julie to fourth place.  But don’t worry, their story is underway as well and I hope to have it out early in 2017.

The Blurb:

Can her love heal his wounded heart?

Every day is a gift. No one knows it more than a military spouse. The harsh truth came home to Lily Barrett when she got the dreaded phone call that her husband, Alex, was wounded in action. Devastated at how close she came to losing the love of her life, she’d do anything to help him heal and make him see he’s not alone and they’ll face any obstacles together.

A wheelchair was the last place Alex Barrett ever pictured himself. No way was he going to stay in it. Come hell or high water, he will find a way to walk again and be the man his wife had married. The thought of being any less was unacceptable.

But war has changed Alex mentally as well as physically, and he struggles to return to the life he once knew. Can Lily help him see that he’ll always be her hero no matter what? Or will Alex drive her away?

Book 3 in the Beyond Valor series will pull on your heartstrings and make you laugh as Alex and Lily strive to prove that love can triumph over anything!

Next up will be Tag and Julie’s story, A Soldier’s Redemption.  In March, I’ll be releasing Protecting Faith in Susan Stoker’s Kindle World!  It will be a Beyond Valor crossover novel and the start of a new series.

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