SEAL’s Grace

Love at first sighthell no!

Lust? Oh yeah, they were all over that.

Luca "Lucky" Rossi knew Grace was a pain in the ass. She'd proved it months ago after the mission to save her UN Aid team in Marikistan. The last thing he needed was a civilian like her on a dangerous mission to infiltrate a child trafficking ringexcept that's exactly what he got.

Grace Miller was still furious she'd had to leave a helpless baby behind when the SEALs rescued her teamsomething she sure as hell hadn't needed. She'd been taking care of herself since kindergarten. Then the gorgeous Navy SEAL threatened to spank her in front of everyone. It made her want to remove certain parts of his anatomy with a butter knife. Even then, she couldn't deny the desire thrumming through her veins every time he was near.

Their fake marriage should have made it easy to adopt the babythat and the $50K to pay for her. Then they're betrayed and their carefully planned mission falls apart. Will they be able to save the baby they've both come to love? Can they earn a happily ever after they never knew they wanted, but so richly deserved?

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