SEAL’s Providence


After years of putting his life on the line, he meets the woman of his dreams. But to win her heart, he's in for the biggest fight of his life.


Dr. Providence Sheridan prides herself on handling whatever problems are thrown in her path. But when she finds out about a human trafficking ring in her town, and a threat to a young child, she knows she's going to need help. Her friend Tempest introduces her to Tony Knox, the CO of the Red Falcon Team. One look at the silver fox, sends her heart rate skyrocketing, until she reminds herself that she needs his help and not a relationship.

Commander Tony Knox is at the end of his career and trying to decide what's next. When he's introduced to the new base doctor and Providence explains what she's uncovered, he's all in. Tony will do whatever it takes to free them all and get closer to the dynamic woman who takes his breath away.

But as the stakes are raised, will they get everyone out alive, or will their chance at a future be lost?


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