A Soldier’s Triumph

An Eagle Security & Protection Agency Novel

Alex Barrett loves his country and he doesn't regret thesacrifices he's made. He's thrilled he's finally back home with the woman heloves more than life. But he's not the man she married. Lily is in for thefight of her life as she struggles to convince Alex that his injuries don'tdefine him, and she loves him no matter what.

As they work to forge an even stronger relationship, Alexdiscovers a threat to Lily's life. All of his protective instincts come roaringback to life. Come hell or high water, he'll find a way to keep her safe.

With the help of his service dog, Hunter, Alex puts all hisenergy into discovering who is behind the plot to hurt his wife. Can he figureit out before it's too late? Will their love triumph and give Lily and Alex thehappily ever after they deserve?

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