A Soldier’s Triumph

Alex Barrett loves his country and he doesn't regret the sacrifices he's made. Coming home to the woman he loves more than life should have been perfect. But he’s not the man she married and if he can’t get past it how can she?

Lily loves Alex more than anything in the world, and when he comes back from war in a wheelchair, she only sees her man. But Lily is in for the fight of her life as she struggles to convince her husband that his injuries don’t define him, that he's always been, and always will be everything she needs and wants in a man.

As they passionately battle their way through his homecoming Alex suspects Lily’s life is in danger, and his protective instincts come roaring back to life. Using all his training, abilities, and the help of his service dog, Hunter, Alex is determined to find out who threatening his wife. When things turn deadly, will Alex realize he is the only man capable of saving her life, let alone making it worth living?

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